Houseplant Hideaway

The Joy Of Plants website is offering Londoners a chance to escape the stresses of the city for a couple of blissfully green hours. Peter Gray reports.


Well, this is different. This November, are inviting nature lovers to experience a couple of hours in their new nature focused pop up, The Houseplant Hideaway.

The installation, which has been created by the green fingered website in association with botanist James Wong and architect Daewha Kang, will offer stressed out Londoners a chance to unwind in a plant filled oasis set in the middle of buzzing Shoreditch.

Once inside, visitors will be transported to an “interactive biophilic wonderland, complete with a 6-metre vertical kaleidoscope to fully immerse them in nature” says the advert for the event on Eventbrite.

The enclosure has been designed by the Award winning architect DaeWha Kang. The Korean architect’s aim was to create a unique space for people to retreat, reflect and recharge.

The plants, meanwhile, were individually selected by botanist James Wong, with an eye on their wellbeing and biophilic benefits, and with the overall aim of creating a calming cocoon for stressed out city dwellers.

If this all sounds like heaven (especially given the year we’re currently having) then you’ll be happy to know that a visit to the hudeaway won’t cost a thing, either. Visitors will need to book a time slot via Eventbrite, however.

The ‘Houseplant Hideout’ has been cancelled due to the announcement of a 2nd lockdown in England. More information about the event can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: plants & greenery
When: cancelled
Where: Boxpark, Shoreditch