Damien Hirst Exhibition – End of a Century

This latest Damien Hirst exhibition seeks to explore the artist's early pieces in order to trace the evolution of Hirst's major themes. Peter Gray reports.

Charting his progression from eager student to leading artist, the Newport Street Gallery’s End of A Century will explore the formative years of one of the UK’s favourite sons, Damien Hurst.

Featuring over 50 works by the artist, the exhibition will seek to uncover the origin and evolution of some of Hirst’s most significant themes, using a carefully curated selection of Hurst’s installations, sculptures, and painting.

While the exhibition contains several pieces taken from Hursts’ many acclaimed serial paintings, the exhibition also contains a glut of lesser known works, and several pieces which have never been exhibited in public before.

The more renowned works will include items from the Natural History, Spot Paintings and Medicine Cabinet series while the previously unreleased works will include some fascinating early collages that have been likened to the work of Kurt Schwitters.

And what of that name? it turns out that the title of the exhibition is a reference to a song by Blur. The chorus goes We all say “don’t want to be alone/We wear the same clothes ’cause we feel the same/We kiss with dry lips when we say goodnight/End of a century, oh, it’s nothing special.

Damien Hirst’s End of the Century has been suspended due to the Coronavirus Crisis . More information about the exhibition can be found here.

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What: art exhibition
When: suspended
Where: Newport Street Gallery