Tantra – Enlightenment to Revolution

The medieval philosophy of Tantra is in the spotlight at the British Museum this winter. Peter Gray reports

Not as naughty as it sounds, the British Museum’s Tantra – Enlightenment to Revolution exhibition explores “the radical force that transformed the religious, cultural and political landscape of India”.

Often misunderstood in the West, the philosophy is linked to successive waves of revolutionary thought, having influenced everything from Hinduism and Buddhism, to the Indian fight for independence and the rise of the 1960s counterculture.

Originating in medieval India, Tantra focuses on the power of divine feminine energy, and as such, it has had a massive influence on feminist thought throughout the ages.


With applications both personal and political, Tantra is a philosophy that cries out to be understood. In order to facilitate this, the British Museum have brought together a diverse collection of extraordinary objects from India, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, and the UK, including masterpieces of sculpture, painting, prints and ritual objects.

Tantra at the British Museum has been suspended due to the Coronavirus Crisis. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

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