Rudie’s Brixton

Rudie's Brixton will offer Londoners another chance to sample the chain's legendary Real Jerk marinated meat and fish dishes. Peter Gray reports.

Following the success of their Boxpark and Borough Market sites, Jamaican restaurant Rudie’s are set to open a third venue in Brixton.

Famed for their ‘Real Jerk’ marinated meat and fish dishes, Rudie’s offers Londoners an authentic taste of the Caribbean. Unlike their other two sites, however, Rudie’s Brixton will be a proper sit down restaurant, with the site in Brixton’s Market Village having enough space for 50 covers.

The restaurant will offer the full range of Rudie’s classics, too, including the restaurant’s Signature Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Peppered Shrimp and Ackee & Saltfish.

It’s the jerk that everyone remembers, however. Marinated for over 24 hours and cooked in traditional jerk drums using specially selected wood chips to give the meat that irresistibly smoky flavour, Rudie’s Jerk really has to be tried to be believed.

Rudie’s Brixton is aiming to be much more than just another great eating experience, however. From the carefully selected collection of Jamaican sipping rums, to the sweet reggae playing on the house sound system, Rudie’s wants to be your go to place with friends and family when you’re in South London.

So, if you fancy some great tasting Jamaican food and a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere, you’d better check out Rudie’s Brixton when it opens in November.

More information about Rudie’s Brixton can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: new restaurant
When: Nov 2020
Where: Brixton Market Village
Website: Rudie's