Wun’s Tea Room

city:countdown food columnist Tammy Lim was at Wun's Tea Room recently.So, what did Ms Lim make of the venue? Read on to find out.

Wun’s Tea Room offers visitors a tantalising glimpse of old school Hong Kong with its Cantonese-inspired food and heartwarming teapots full of fragrant Chinese tea. Operated by the people behind the Bun House, Wun brings the excitement of Hong Kong’s dynamic food scene to a London dining scene craving such authenticity.

The backdrop may be traditional, but the menus certainly aren’t – with the venue’s traditional classics given a refreshingly modern twist.

The tearoom offers three menus: brunch, dinner and cocktails. Brunch is served from Friday to Sunday (12pm to 5pm) and offers a selection of Hong Kong yum cha favourites, such as work fried soy cheung fun and egg custard tarts. Known for its iberico char siu, this staple component is also featured in the bubble waffle dish and the egg fried rice.

The dinner menu, meanwhile, is split into five key areas: snack, claypot rice / noodles (pupil dilation alert), main plates and coal grill skewers. A tapas approach to ordering is suggested here, with the dishes made to share.

The star attraction is undoubtedly the sugar skin fatty iberico char siu. Although it made me salivate, however, the execution was far from perfect. The char sui was good, but the layer beneath the fat was a tad too dry for my taste.

The Food at Wun's Tea Room

In addition, the claypot char siu rice, while admittedly sounding amazing, did not in reality uphold the tantalising promise of a crispy outer rice layer. The rice was simply too moist and needed more cooking time.

The mushroom nuggets and corn ribs sure packed a punch though, making the perfect nibble to accompany the meal. However, the soy glaze beef spare ribs – while they might have looked promising upon arrival, proved far too chewy and challenging to eat in reality.

A pot of tea makes the perfect way to end a meal at Wun’s Tea Room. The Rose Pu’erh was an excellent choice in this respect, being delightfully smooth and fragrant.

Wun’s Tea Room is a great place to spend time with family and friends. The menu, although not perfect, has several excellent choices, and the venue is a great place to chill out.

More information about Wun’s Tea Room can be found here.

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