Connie Constance -The Butterfly Club

Peter Gray reviews the Watford based singer's new five track EP, The Butterfly Club.

Consistently engaging, frequently thought provoking, and completely dazzling, Connie Constance’s new EP, The Butterfly Club, is yet another breathtaking milestone in the young singer’s artistic development.

The follow up to 2019’s English Rose, The Butterfly Club is an intoxicating fusion of indie, jazz, reggae and rock, which stretches Constance’s love of genre bending even further.

It’s hard to pick a standout track here when every track is such a box of delights, but we must give props to the indie pop/Amy Winehouse mash up James, soul tinged Little Town and anthemic Costa Del Margate.

‘Little Town’ finds Connie in a soulful mood, waxing lyrical over a slow and melodic, guitar led groove. The song puts one in mind of the music of Arlo Parks with its gently insistent melodies and soulful, catchy chorus. And just like Parks, Constance gives Little Town a chorus so memorable that you will find yourself humming it in the shower, on the bus, and in the office (if you’re not working from home).

James demonstrates just how eclectic Constance can be. Her self-declared anti drug drug song, the tune is a tuneful mash up of indie, reggae and jazz, whose twangy guitars provide the perfect setting for Constance to outline her experiences with drugs and what she has learnt from them.

Costa Del Margate, meanwhile, is all feels. Consisting of over 5 minutes of the most infectious power pop that you will possibly hear in 2020, Costa Del Margate is a thrillingly anthemic. I defy you to put this one on loud and not wanna bop something. Honestly, why this track was not a much bigger hit is anyone’s guess, but for those of who know, we get you Connie.

The first EP on the artist’s own label, Jump The Fence, The Butterfly Club is Constance taking a risk and making the music she hears in her head. And if this is a good example of what we can expect from Watford’s finest in future, then we’ll happily come along for the ride.

The Buttterfly Club demonstrates both an impressive appetite for musical risk taking, and a desire to forego the kind of empty and trite lyrics that fill far too many modern pop songs. Instead, Constance offers us a thrilling fusion of genres and styles, and a bolder and much more emotionally challenging lyrical style. It is this combination of risk taking and emotional honesty that make The Butterfly Club so endlessly thrilling.

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