Da Henrietta at the Henrietta hotel

Go "on an experimental journey along the Italian West Coast" with the Henrietta Hotel's new in House restaurant. Peter Gray reports.

The Henrietta Hotel have certainly been busy recently. Not only are the Covent Garden based venue hosting an exciting  festive pop up (the Miracle at Henrietta Street) but they have also just announced a major change to their inhouse restaurant.

The venue will now be called Da Henrietta, with the popular Italian Supper Club taking over the day to day running of the eaterie from early November.

Having been in business for over 10 years, the Supper Club team have a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. Previously to be found at several other restaurants run by the Experimental Group (the owners of the Henrietta Hotel), The Supper Club are dedicated to bringing “that special Italian tradition of long, meandering mealtimes” to eager Londoners.

For their new residency at the Henrietta, the team are promising to take diners “on an experimental journey along the Italian West Coast” with culinary pitstops in such foodie hotspots as Toscana, Campania, and Calabria.

Dishes on the menu are expected to include:

Abbacchio alla romana – lamb accented with anchovies

Farinata, a thick Ligurian pancake made from chickpeas

Ravioli with Delica pumpkin, bergamot, and hazelnuts

Bucatini alla gricia, pasta with guanciale and pecorino cheese

The venue’s wine list will come from the same regions as the restaurant’s food, with native varieties like Pigato and Aleatico set to feature prominently.

Da Henrietta Restaurant opens on the 6th of November at the Henrietta Hotel London. More information about the venue can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: new hotel restaurant
When: 6 Nov 2020
Where: Covent Garden