Arena – Ava Fialho

Ava Fialho's Arena is a compelling declaration of intent by the young Londoner. Peter Gray reports.

Part of an exciting new wave of female artists, London based singer AVA Fiahlo looks set to take the world of pop by storm with her single ARENA.

The single, which debuted on Friday the 13th of November 2020, represents the artists’ first big UK release after graduating from the Guildford School of Music in 2019. Since then, Fialho has spent her days writing and recording new music in a studio in Hackney. Arena is the first fruits of that effort. 

From its breathy gospel tinged introduction, to the insistent whip crack beats and urgent rhythms, the track hits hard and deep, with Fiahlo drawing on her Portuguese heritage for Arena’s clever blend of traditional rhythms and sounds.

It is the voice that really seals the deal, however. A compelling mix of velvety sweetness and raw power, Fialho has the kind of power and range that makes music lovers sit up and take notice.

Lyrically, Arena focuses on the need to take control of situations and reduce the reliance on others with Fialho noting that the biggest barriers to success are often the ones we ourselves create.

 Ava Fialho may be the new girl on the block but her incredible talent indicates that we will be seeing a lot more of her. With the breathtaking Arena out this week, and with a spate of exciting releases in the pipeline, it looks like Fialho will soon be filling arenas rather than just writing about them.

More information about Ava Fialho can be found here.

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What: debut single
When: 13 Nov 2020
Where: all major platforms
Website: Ava Fialho