The Opera Knitwear Collection – Brunello Cucinelli

The designer's latest collection takes inspiration from his love of Umbria. Sophia Savage reports.

With superior craftsmanship and technical innovation to the fore, Brunello Cucinelli’s latest collection of knitwear looks set to garner the Italian designer even greater recognition and acclaim.

The designer’s Opera Knitwear Collection takes its inspiration from the heritage and landscape of the Italian region of Umbria, which is known for its abundance of woodlands, meadows, and pastures.

The area also has a rich tradition of knitting, and it is this history that Cucinelli pays homage to with his new designs. Combining a range of hand crafted sweaters with several garments created using advanced embroidery techniques, the collection nods to traditional methods of production while also embracing new techniques and innovations. 

A press release for the new collection gives us an insight into the production processes behind Cuccinelli’s latest collection: “The result of a careful study of the new possibilities offered by sophisticated machines, the OPERA embroidered garments emerge from very long and complex processes that seamlessly combine creativity, exploration of new technical and digital resources and the care of the operators who carefully follow each process”.

Here are three highlights from the Opera Knitwear Collection:

Brunello Cucinelli, Handmade Organic Crochet Sweater in Alpaca, Mohair Wool and Cashmere


A multitide of refined yarns and techniques combine to create this beautiful organic crochet sweater. Inspired by nature and the vegetation of winter forests, the garment’s alpaca and cashmere bouclé base is adorned with crochet embroidery of different yarns to obtain a textured appearance and an irregular volume that give this piece a unique, precious flair. 

Brunello Cucinelli, Handmade Flower Crochet Sweater in Alpaca, Mohair and Wool

Brunello Cucinelli Handmade Flower Crochet Sweater in Alpaca, Mohair and Wool

Many painstaking hours of craftsmanship may go into making this stunning flower festooned sweater, but the end result is certainly worth it. Each individual flower on the garment is crocheted one by one and then sewn together with the whole thing taking 26 hours to create.  Inspired by the magical mood of a winter garden, the sweater is designed to mimic the irregular beauty of a field from which buds and petals of different shapes and colours sprout. 

Handmade Organic Crochet sweater in alpaca, mohair, wool and cashmere

Brunello Cucinelli look 3

Using a combination of several yarns and techniques, this organic crochet sweater is designed to evoke the wonder of nature and the vegetation of winter forests. Embellishments made of mohair and wool yarns of different consistencies, cashmere feather yarn and yarn enriched with small sparking paillettes are showcased with the alpaca and cashmere boucle yarn base.

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