Single of the Week – Arena by Ava Fialho

Remember the name - you'll be hearing a lot more of it. Sophia Savage reports.

city:countdown’s Single of the Week comes from a London based singer taking her first steps into the UK music Industry.

Not that Ava Fialho’s Arena sounds anything like a track from a music industry newbie. With its urgent beats, tasteful yet restrained instrumentation and sophisticated melodies, Arena is a breathtaking statement of intent. 

Built on an irresistible syncopated rhythm punctuated by whip crack hand clap stabs, Arena’s Latin tinged beats and minimalist approach may have been designed for the dance floor, but the track works just as well on your stereo at home. 

As good as the backing track is, however, at the end of the day, Arena is really all about Ms Fialho herself.

From the gorgeous gospel tinged introduction, through the catchy verses and that barnstorming chorus, the young Londoner has her listeners eating out of her hands from the word go. 

The voice certainly doesn’t hurt. A compelling mix of velvety sweetness and raw power, Fialho  instinctively knows when to pull it in tight and when to soar over the top of the music. 

Lyrically, Arena focuses on the need to take control of situations and reduce the reliance on others. Fialho has noted in the press release accompanying the single that she has found from personal experience that the biggest barriers to success are the ones we ourselves create.

The young London based singer has spoken glowingly of her Arena production team of Duncan Brookfield and Cedric Weigel. The pair may not be widely known yet, but if this is a good example of what they are capable off, then we will almost certainly be seeing a lot more of the duo in the future.

Ava Fialho’s debut single Arena is a track that will undoubtedly make a lot of people sit up and take notice. Filled with irresistible beats and compelling melodies, the single certainly augers well for the singer’s future releases. However, for now, let’s all savour Fialho’s majestic debut.

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