Six by Nico launch food & drink delivery platform

Why bother with supermarket bought ready meals when you can dine on the finest restaurant food in the comfort of your own home? Sophia Savage reports.

Fresh from launching their London flagship restaurant, innovative restaurant chain Six By Nico have now launched a food & drink delivery platform called Home-X. The service comes with six different food brands on start-up, with more promised in the future.

With the aim of creating food, drink and lifestyle experiences that can be enjoyed “in the comfort of your own home”, Home-X builds on the successful Home by Nico food delivery service, while adding several other vendors into the mix.

The platform promises restaurant quality chefs, ready-to-plate dishes and ever changing menus with a wine club also in the offering.

The boxes are fresh to order and delivered right to your door. All you have to do is pick your desired delivery date and Home-X take care of the rest.

Home-X’s first six food brands are: Chateau-X (fine wines and sides), STEM wine club, The Cheese Club, 24 Carrot (vegan dishes), E.Eatery (collab boxes) and Home by Nico themselves.

So, if you fancy restaurant quality food without the hassle and inconvenience of going to a restaurant, Home-X is at hand!

More information about Home-X can be found here.

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