Accidentally Wes Anderson

Step into a fully immersive Wes Anderson experience at Hackney's The Old Bank Vault. Sophia Savage reports.

If you’re a fan of legendary filmmaker Wes Anderson, then this is the event for you. The Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition at The Old Bank Vault will showcase a series of stunning images of buildings and landscapes that just so happen to resemble places featured in the director’s movies.

The show, whose images have all been drawn from Wally Koval’s brilliant Instagram account of the same name, will also showcase Koval’s new book, which is also based on the images.

Hackney’s Old Bank Vault will be turned into a “fully immersive Wes Anderson experience” for the event, and just to make the experience even sweeter, there’ll be tonnes of Wes Anderson merchandise and prints to browse and/or buy.   

And if you’re a real Wes Anderson obsessive, you’ll almost certainly want to get your mitts on the copy of Koval’s book which has been signed by Anderson himself. The book will be raffled off at the event with the proceeds going to charity.

N.B the Old Bank Vault has an exclusive contract to retail Koval’s book and it will not be available anywhere else.

Accidentally Wes Anderson will be at The Old Bank Vault from the 9th of October 2021. More information about the event can be found here.

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What: new exhibition
When: From 9 Oct 21
Where: Old Bank Vault, Hackney