Gaia at the Painted Hall

See the earth in a whole new light with Luke Jerram's monumental installation Gaia at the Painted Hall. Peter Gray reports.

Covid permitting, Luke Jerram’s seven metre wide representation of the earth, Gaia, will return to the Painted Hall in Greenwich in the summer of 2021 for a series of dates in June. The subject of a sold out series of shows at the venue in the summer of 2020, Gaia will offer visitors a sense of the ‘Overview Effect’ – that combination of feelings of awe and understanding that astronauts experience when they look down at the Earth from space.


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 “In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the outdoors and nature becoming a haven for so many, Gaia acts as a mirror to society to provide the viewer with a new perspective of our precious planet” says the website for the Painted Hall about the event.

An exact scale replica of the earth, Gaia is size roughly 1.8 million times smaller than the real thing, with each centimetre of the sculpture represents 18km of the Earth’s surface. If viewers position themselves 211 metres away from the artwork, they can see the Earth as it appears from the moon, floating in three dimensions like a ‘blue marble’.


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To augment the experience, Jerram has commissioned the BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones to create a soundtrack to accompany the exhibition.

Awe-inspiring and revealing, Gaia at the Painted Hall allows visitors to contemplate the earth and our place on it in the stunning setting of the historic Painted Hall.


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Gaia will be at the Painted Hall from the 30th of May until the 1st of July 2021. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

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What: new exhibition
When: 4,11,18,25 June 21
Where: Greenwich
Website: Gaia