A new service is bringing theatre productions to your doorstep

At time of writing, we have no idea whether this is tier 4 compliant or not, but we’re just putting this out there anyway. Peter Gray reports.

Doorstep Productions have found an ingenious way of getting around the government’s dreaded three tier Covid Management System by bringing theatre productions right to the audience’s doorstep.

Every production is bespoke so customers can choose what they want to see and hear and also select how many performers they’d like to see performer. Prices start at £250 which buys you a pair of fully costumed performers, although it is possible to hire up to six performers. A separate service offers Dickensian carol singing.

“Experience the joy of live theatre without leaving home! Treat your family, friends, or that special someone to their very own Doorstep Production…the most spectacular and unique new gift in town!” runs the blurb for the service on the company’s website.

The service is the brainchild of West End actors Maria Friedman and Adrian der Gregorian. The pair set up the company to offer out of work actors a lifeline during the pandemic.

Doorstep Productions sound like the perfect tonic to our current pandemic fuelled cultural woes. The company’s offer of a West End theatre production on your own doorstep sounds like heaven and you are sure to impress your neighbours too.

So, if you’re starting to suffer from cabin fever during the 2nd lockdown and getting out to theatreland (or what’s left of it) is not an option – then why not try Doorstep Productions? They’ve got a range of options to suit every pocket. However, we’d advise you to warn your neighbours before you go ahead and book.

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