Hailed as a mix of Pulp Fiction and Twin Peaks, audiences can decide for themselves when Briarpatch debuts on Alibi later this month. Peter Gray reports.

‘A murder. A homecoming. A small town with big secrets’. Thus runs the synopsis for the Alibi Channel’s latest import Briarpatch.

The intriguingly named series follows slick Senate Investigator, Allegra Dill, as her carefully organised life suddenly falls apart when one of her family is the victim of a brutal murder.

Based on the Ross Thomas novel of the same name, Briarpatch has been likened to both Pulp Fiction and Twin Peaks. Audiences will have a chance to decide for themselves when the show lands on British TV in mid January. 

If you are thinking of catching the show when it premieres on the Alibi Channel later this month – here’s everything you need to know about the series.

What is Briarpatch about?

The story begins as Senate Investigator Allegra Dill is called back to her hometown by the news that her cop sister has been murdered. Felicity Dill was killed in a car bombing, and her big sister is desperate to find out why.

As Allegra is drawn ever deeper into the mystery surrounding her sibling’s murder, however, she begins to discover that her hometown is actually a hotbed of corruption and deceit.

Briarpatch is full of twists and turns. For example, as the grieving Allegra begins to investigate her sister’s murder, she discovers that Felicity Dill was sitting on a huge amount of money. It also emerges that the deceased was engaged to be married – to a policeman who is already married! 

While this all unfolds, the town is forced to fight several battles of its own, first with the oppressive heat, but also with a group of  escaped animals from the Briarpatch County Zoo! 

Who is in the cast of Briarpatch?

Rosario Dawson stars as Allegra Dill, a tenacious and highly skilled investigator. Allegra Dill in Briarpatch. Even though she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with her sister, Allegra is nonetheless devastated to learn of her demise. 

In addition to Dawson, Briarpatch features Jay R. Ferguson as the swaggering, coke binging Jake Spivey, Alan Cumming as vigilante arms dealer Clyde Battle, and Kim Dickens as the local Chief of Police, Eve Raytek.

Who’s behind the camera on Briarpatch?

The series was created by screenwriter Andy Greenwald from the book Briarpatch by Ross Thomas.

When can we see Briarpatch on the small screen in the UK?

The series will debut on the Alibi Channel at 9pm on Wednesday the 13th of January 2020.

Is there a trailer for Briarpatch?

Yes, here it is:

More information about Briarpatch can be found here.

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What: new crime thriller
When: 13 Jan 2021 9pm
Where: Alibi Channel
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