The antichrist is now a fully grown adult in Fox TV's new season offering, Damien. Peter Gray tries to hide his fear.

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If you are looking for a really good spine chiller to set you up nicely for bed, Fox UK’s forthcoming Damien series might be just the tonic.

The series, which was originally shown on the American pay television network, A&E, was cancelled after one season – although that shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of one of horror’s greatest stories.

Damien follows the story of demon child Damien Thorn. The star of a triology of legendary films from the 1970s. the story of the devil child has given countless millions sleepless nights.

The series meets an adult Damien who is battling trauma and finally facing up to the fact that he is the Antichrist. Will he give in and start eating babies or will he fight it and instead get a job in the charity sector? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fox TV’s Damien:

What’s the show about?

The story begins as Damien returning home to New York after experiencing a traumatic event while working in Syria. Damien is now an acclaimed war photographer and his experiences in Syria are clearly still having an impact on him even once he is back home, with flashbacks and strange occurrences.

Who’s starring in Damien?

Homeland’s Bradley James takes the lead role of Damien. The Exeter born actor is best known for his role in Merlin where he played the part of Prince Arthur. Following that, James won the role of Varga in Underworld: Blood Wars and Brigadier General Felix Sparks in The Liberator.

In addition to James, Damien also features Hollywood icon Barbara Hershey (Once Upon A Time), The Walking Dead’s Scott Wilson and Robin Weigert (Sons Of Anarchy).

Who’s behind the camera on Damien?

Damien was written and produced by Glen Mazzara. The screenwriter was previously a story editor on Nash Bridges and The Shield before he got his big break of The Walking Dead. Mazzara wrote several episodes of the hit show before taking over as showrunner on the series when Frank Darabont left the show.

Is there a trailer for Damien?

Yes. Here it is.

Damien will premiere on FOX UK on Thursday the 28th of January at 9pm. More information about the series can be found here.

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What: horror series
When: 28 Jan 2020
Where: Fox UK
Website: Fox TV