There is now a map of every lockdown loo in the UK

No more peeing in bushes, the Lockdown Loo website is here to help. A grateful Peter Gray reports.

The UK’s latest national lockdown has presented Londoners with a wealth of problems. From the prosaic: how will I fill my days? To the mundane: where can I buy loo roll? To the downright embarrassing: where can I pee?

It is the last of these problems that is of most concern to me most these days. This is because I have one of those bladders that intuitively understands when it can cause maximum distress. If it’s anywhere near a toilet – it is silent. Arrive in a place where toilets are scarce, however – and it suddenly fills to bursting.

It was ok when the pubs and shops were open, of course. However, now that practically everything is shut – well, what’s a boy to do?

Thankfully, a couple of bright sparks (Thomas and Charles Riley) have been pondering exactly this question. The pair have created a website which shows every available loo in the UK during the lockdown. Yes, you did hear that right – the Riley brothers have documented every working loo in the UK!

Yep, no more hiding in alleyways or peeing in bushes – there is now a better way! The website is called Lockdown Loo and it is quite understandably proving a massive hit. It contains 5300 toilet listings (or loo-cations in Lockdown Loo parlance) with operational loos indicated in blue and closed loos marked in red.

The information on the website is crowdsourced so it is only as good as the people who provide it but the listings are nonetheless impressively detailed with information on baby change facilities, disabled access, and the general condition of each facility.

If you know of a loo that is open and it is not on the site, you can submit information about it to the website. Users can also submit information on loos that were open but are now closed.

So, add this to your favourites folder and you’ll never be caught short in Lockdown London again!

More information about the Lockdown Loo website can be found here.

Information on other practical tips to negotiate lockdown can be found here.

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