Air Jordan 35 Paris

Nike have done it again with the Air Jordan 35 Paris but it might not be easy to bag a pair. Sophia Savage reports.

It might be wise to keep it to yourself but Nike’s forthcoming Air Jordan 35 Paris will be limited to just 102 pairs. Yep, you did hear that correct – only 102 pairs of the 35 will go on sale this year  – so you’ll certainly have to go some to bag one!

Whether this is a clever ruse by Nike to stimulate interest or a sign that they need to fire their manufacturers – what is clear is that the 35 Paris is going to be one of the hottest fashion releases of the year. 

Air Jordan 35 Paris image 2

What is also clear is just how desirable Nike’s new trainers are. From the pale ivory and pink palette, to the “metallic gold” accents across the tongue and rear section – the 35 is one bad ass trainer. 

The on point styling is continued with the Air Jordan 12-esque mudguards, the cleverly overlaid quarters, and the cool floral patterns in the inlays. 

Air Jordan 35 Paris image 3

Meanwhile, references to Paris abound in both the “75” inscription on the heel (the area code for the city) and the black and blue Paname tag (a reference to the city’s nickname).

There is no official release date for this sneaker yet but you can bet your bottom dollar that these babies will be in serious demand when they finally drop.

Air Jordan 35 Paris image 4

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