Trend Alert: The Four Way Wrap

As ingenious as it is simple, the Four Way Wrap offers hungry diners a wealth of possibilities using a few basic ingredients. Peter Gray reports.

Bored of your breakfast? Lacking inspiration for brunch? Allow us to introduce the Four Way Wrap. Already a social media darling thanks to Tik Tok and Instagram – the new viral food sensation is both easy to make and incredibly satisfying to eat.

Described by its disciples as the ultimate foodie hack, the Four Way consists of a tortilla wrap and a variety of fillings.

The steps to make one is simple:

1. Lay the wrap out flat

2. Put each ingredient into a separate quarter of the wrap,

3. Fold it up

4.  Toast

The best thing about the dish is the endless permutations that can be created using a few basic ingredients.  From a Full English Breakfast Wrap, using the ingredients you might find in a typical fry up; to the veggie wrap, with its comforting mix of vegetables and cheese; to the Banana Dream, with a serving of fried banana alongside whatever else you might fancy – the possibilities are endless.

Given the dishes’ versatility, it is not at all surprising that the Four Way Wrap has gone viral, with food focused influencers falling over themselves to feature the dish on their blogs. One such influencer is Instagram blogger Eloise.

“I’ve been dying to try this new trend that’s going around right now, and I thought what better than a breakfast wrap!” she said recently on her Instagram page.

The content creator then went on to demonstrate how to make the dish, with her how to  video focusing on the Full English Breakfast Wrap.

Perhaps oddly for a UK Blogger, Eloise topped her breakfast wrap off with a serving of maple syrup. You might choose to avoid this however. 

The Four Way Wrap is the perfect food trend for lockdown Britain. It’s simple to make, takes minimal ingredients, and the results are, more often than not, outstanding. o

We recommend you combine one with a cost night on the sofa watching Netflix for the full effect. 

Here’s a compilation of Tik Tok users making the dish:

More information about the Four Way Wrap can be found here.

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