Off-White x Nike ‘The 20’

The follow up to the ground breaking 10 series, Off-White x Nike 'The 20' looks set to take the innovative concept a step further. Sophia Savage reports.

Off-White x Nike’s ‘THE 10’ Collection hit the world of sportwear like a tornado in 2017. Here was the world’s most iconic sportwear brand offering up ten of its most celebrated silhouettes for a total and complete deconstruction.

The trainers involved read like a who’s who of iconic brands – there was the Air Jordan 1, the Air Preston, the Air Max 97 and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star just for starters.

The fact that the process was to be carried out by Virgil Abloh’s Off-White company might have made the gamble seem a bit more palatable, but it was a brave move, nonetheless.

The founder and driving force behind Off-White, Abloh is a fashion genius. His meteoric rise to success has been as unsurprising as it has been dazzling, and with the majority of his success coming in the fielf of sports & loungewear, Abloh must have seemed like the perfect candidate to reimagine Nike’s most iconic glories.

And so it proved. Abloh worked his magic on every design – individually breaking down each shoe, painstakingly ripping them down to their foundations, and then, just as carefully, stitching them back together with a different design and rearranged components.

The results were better than anyone could have hoped for. Abloh was hailed a genius and the partnership was dubbed the ‘collaboration of the decade’. The public’s enthusiasm was equally intense. The collection quickly sold out on all platforms. The shoes then began turning up on resell sites where they would change hands for insane amounts of money. Nike soon put a stop to the practice but the message was clear. The collection was an off the wall success.

Thus, it was with some excitement that word reached us of a second Nike/Off-White partnership. Little information about the new collaboration has been released save for an old school web posting on Off-White’s public domain website.

Off-White x Nike The 20

The posting showcased all of Abloh’s collaborations with Nike, however, the pixelated images of the new trainers were overlaid with the words ‘Actually Pending’.

Not surprisingly, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive about the new collaboration. The hook up is already the subject of a thousand social media posts with trainer geeks desperate to work out what the 2nd Off-White x Nike collaboration will bring.

Rumours suggest that two of the trainers featured in the post are the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “University Gold” and the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “Canary Yellow”. However, given the heavy pixilation of the images, it is all but impossible to tell for sure.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have also spotted that the Off-White x Futura x Nike Dunk Low “Orange” and the Off-White x Futura x Nike Dunk Low “UNC” are also featured in the post. The pair were showcased during last year’s Paris Fashion Week and interest in the duo is sky high.

It looks like it’s going to be one hell of an exciting year.

Off-White x Nike ‘The 20’ is coming soon. More information about Off-White can be found here.

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