Get a taste of retro Americana this summer at Camp Elwood

As the summer approaches and doubts over foreign holidays persist, an exciting new campground is about to open its doors on the Norfolk coast. Say hello to Camp Elwood. Peter Gray reports.

If 2020 was the summer of the staycation, then 2021 is shaping up to be the summer of the….um…er…ahem… (whispers) staycation 2. If that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a Bill Murray movie, then we completely understand how you feel.

However, it really doesn’t have to be that bad. While we can’t be sure of when we’ll next go abroad, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a little ‘abroad’ time right here in the UK.

For example, while we won’t be going to America anytime soon – that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little bit of America to us.

Introducing Camp Elwood. A pop up campground & lodgings on the Norfolk coast, the venue is all set to bring Brits a slice of retro Americana this summer.

Set in a landscape of stunning beaches, historic pinewood forests and the expansive parkland of the Holkham Estate, Elwood will offer visitors a stars and stripes-esque diet of campfires, cookouts & soft ball as well as a range of outdoor pursuits including rowing, hiking and treetop walking.

Visitors will be able to choose between pitching a tent, staying in a camper van, or checking in to one of the camp’s many lodgings where the amenities will include shower blocks, washrooms, phone charging points and a restaurant.

Fortunately, the camp is dog friendly, too, which means fido is more than welcome. And since the site is close to both a nature reserve and the beach – you won’t be stuck for places to walk him or her.

Camp Elwood sounds like the ideal venue for 2021. With its retro Americana theme, stunning setting, and exciting programme of entertainment & events, the camp seems like the perfect place to enjoy Staycation 2.  

More information about Camp Elwood can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: camping
When: 26 Jul - 9 Aug 2021
Where: Holkam, Norfolk
Website: Camp Elwood