The Mermaid’s Tongue

Storytelling, theatre and puzzles combine in Swamp Motel's latest wheeze, The Mermaid’s Tongue, Peter Gray reports.

Part of a new breed of internet based detective game, The Mermaid’s Tongue seems like just the thing for a rainy night in Lockdown Britain. Combining gothic art heist with a murder mystery, the game immerses its participants in a world of deadly deceit, scandalous intrigue and ritual sacrifice.

“Thrown into a murky underworld, you’ll have to hack into CCTV, outbid a high-end art dealer, and decipher messages from beyond the grave” reads the blurb for the game on the event’s website.

“Every click will immerse you deeper in the mystery. What is the Mermaid’s Tongue? And who are the dark forces who will stop at nothing to beat you to it?” the description continues.

The object of the game is to find an ancient artefact before a criminal gang can get their hands on it. Do you have the detective skills to crack the clues and solve the mystery? Would be detectives are taken through a whirlwind 90-minute experience which goes from online drawing class to gallery to university auction room.

The experience is conducted through online video conferencing software and one member of your team will need to share their screen and sound with the rest of the group once you begin.

The game is designed to be played by two to six plays and helpfully, you don’t actually have to be in the same room at the same time to play.

The Mermaid’s Tongue sounds like the perfect entertainment for Pandemic Britain. Designed to be played over video conferencing software by up to six players in their own homes, the experience has won rave reviews from critics and players alike. So, if EastEnders and Coronation Street are no longer cutting it for you, then you’ll know where to turn.

More information about The Mermaid’s Tongue can be found here.

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What: online murder mystery
When: access to play
Where: in your living room