Backstage with a Magician

Go behind the scenes of a top magic show and see the art of magic up close and personal. Peter Gray reports.

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Bored of zoom quizzes and/or Netflix? Then why not transport yourself to downtown New York for Noah Levine’s virtual magic show?

One of the Big Apple’s finest magicians, Levine has hosted his Magic After Hours show for several years now.

After the pandemic forced him to put the event on hold, however, the magician quickly set about setting up a virtual version of the show – one which he could livestream from his Manhattan apartment.

Backstage with a Magician features interactive tricks that ‘occur in your home’, elegant sleight-of-hand, and startling optical illusions.

The show also delves into the history of magic as well as giving virtual viewers a ‘backstage’ insight into the art of magic.

“From his home, Noah Levine shares his love for his craft while you watch from the best seat in the house” reads the writeup for the event on Levine’s website. 

So, if you fancy something a bit out of the ordinary, and a chance to see a top class magician at close quarters, why not join the incredible Noah Levine for a night of unforgettable magic? 

Participants need to be 16 or over.

Access to the event costs $25 per device and tickets can be purchased here.   

Please note that Backstage with a Magician takes place at 8pm EST. This is 1am GMT.

-London's Best Events-
What: virtual magic show
When: Saturdays 1am GMT
Where: online