Lindt Chocolate Experience

Unleash your inner chocolate monster at Lindt's new series of Chocolate Tasting Events. Peter Gray reports.

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If you fancy spoiling someone you love this Valentine’s Day (or just indulging yourself), then why not treat them to a Lindt Excellence Chocolate Box?

Each box consists of six yummy Lindt chocolate bars, with flavours including Chilli, Sea Salt And Orange Intense, and, even better, the boxes are your passport to the Swiss Chocolatier’s new series of virtual tasting sessions.

Described as the “ultimate chocolate tasting experience”, the sessions take place every Thursday evening at 8pm, with a member of the Lindt team talking participants through each of the flavours as well as recounting the company’s fascinating ‘Bean to Bar story’ (we’ve got no idea what that means either! )

According to the Lindt website, the event will give chocoholics a chance to ‘learn the art of chocolate tasting, taking a journey through the five senses and indulge in six EXCELLENCE recipes’. Frankly, they had us at ‘chocolate’! 

So, if you fancy stuffing your face full of gorgeous chocolate either with or without your significant other, then instructions on how to register for the event can be found inside each box.

Sessions take place at 8pm on Thursday evenings from the 11th of February 2021. Sessions last for one hour.

More information about the Lindt Chocolate Tasting Experience can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: chocolate tasting
When: Every Thurs 8pm
Where: online
Website: Lindt