You can now find a home for your unwanted groceries using a handy food sharing app

Say goodbye to waste with Olio. Sophia Savage reports.

Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing mankind right now. With millions of people around the globe struggling to find enough to eat, throwing food away is not only expensive but also irresponsible. 

Fortunately, a new food sharing app called Olio makes it easy to find a new home for your unwanted/left over food. The service connects neighbours and local businesses so that surplus food can be shared within the community rather than go to waste. 

Whether it’s food nearing its sell-by date in a local store, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge, OLIO makes it easy for individuals and companies to ensure their unwanted food goes to a good home.

The app is super easy to use, too. If you want to share an item – simply open the app, add a photo, description & details of when and where the item  can be picked up – and that’s it.

Accessing an item is just as easy – first, browse through Olio’s list of available items to find something you want, make a request if something takes your fancy, then arrange pick up via private message.

The app is the brainchild of Tessa Cook and Saasha Celeste One. When the pair discovered that there were no apps on which to share left over food, they decided to start one themselves – raising £2 million pounds in the process! 

“Here at OLIO we believe that small actions can lead to big change” say Cook and Celeste on the Olio website. “Collectively – one rescued cupcake, carrot or bottle of lotion at a time – we can build a more sustainable future where our most precious resources are shared, not thrown away.” 

So, the next time you find you’ve bought a bit too much, or you decide to go on holiday leaving a fridge full of food, instead of throwing it out – just open the Olio app and get sharing! 

More information about Olio can be found here.

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