The Flight Attendant

Cassie Bowden has no idea what she did last night but this morning she woke up next to a dead body. Peter Gray reports.

A massive hit in the US, HBO’s The Flight Attendant looks set to do the same thing in the UK when it arrives on Sky One in early March 2021.

With a pair of Golden Globe nominations to its name, the black comedy has certainly struck a nerve with American critics, and the series has been just as popular with audiences across the country. 


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The Flight Attendant tells the story of an air stewardess who wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead body. With little memory of what transpired the night before, a hung over Cassie Bowden begins to wonder whether she is capable of murder. 

Here’s everything you need to know about The Flight Attendant:

What is the series about?

Cassie Bowden’s life is a mess. A stewardess with a taste for hard liquor and inflight sex with strangers, Bowden spends her days careering from one disaster to another.

When she wakes up in an unfamiliar Bangkok hotel room next to a dead body, however, the young New Yorker realises that her luck has just run out. 


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Bowden had met Alex Sokolov on the flight to Thailand. Unable to resist their mutual attraction, the pair had ended up having sex in the plane’s toilet before continuing their liaison once the plane had landed in Thailand.

As Cassie and Sokolov arrived back at the business man’s hotel room, the scene seemed set for a steamy night of passion, however, several hours later, Sokolov is dead and Bowden’s hands are covered in his blood.


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Worse still, as Bowden struggles desperately to recall what happened the night before, she realises that she has virtually no recollection of what happened. Panic stricken, she decides to clean the room and remove all evidence of the crime.

Back in her native New York, the FBI come calling. Will Bowden be able to keep her involvement in Alex’s death a secret?

Is there a trailer for The Flight Attendant?

Yes, here it is:

Who’s in the cast of The Flight Attendant?

The Big Theory’s Kaley Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden. Best known for her role in the much loved sitcom, Cuoco has also appeared in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules as well as the final season of the television series Charmed.

Hollywood star Rosie Perez (Do The Right Thing) pops up as Bowden’s colleague, Megan Briscoe. Bowden’s best mate may seem a tad boring at first, but all is not what it seems with the secretive Briscoe. For one thing, she has a stack of cash in her house. For another, she is secretly downloading files from her husband’s work computer. 

Cuoco and Perez are joined on The Flight Attendant by Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones) as the victim, Alexander Sokolov, while Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who) appears as businesswoman Miranda.

Bebe Neuwirth (Cheers, Frasier) also features in the cast as legal eagle Diana Carlisle, a senior partner in a law firm.


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Where was the series filmed?

Principal photography on The Flight Attendant took place in and around New York City in the spring of 2020 with filming also taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.

When can we see The Flight Attendant on the small screen?

The series is due to launch on Sky One in the UK at 9pm on the 19th of March 2021.

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What: black comedy
When: 19 March 2021
Where: Sky One
Website: Sky One