Gayeon Lee AW21

AW21 finds the South Korean designer in brilliant form courtesy of artists Henri Matisse and Andre Courrèges. Peter Gray reports.

South Korean designer Gayeon Lee this week launched her new autumn/winter collection at London Fashion Week. With IRL catwalk shows on hold for the time being, Lee chose to showcase her new collection with a short film featuring the model Ania Nogueira.

Coming in at just under two minutes, the film shows Nogueira swaying sensuously to a piece of music while wearing several garments from the London based designer’s latest collection. The model is also seen holding several shapes in the video, which recall motifs found in Lee’s designs.

Gayeon Lee AW21 image 2

At her best when working at the intersection between art and fashion, Central Saint Martin graduate Lee’s best pieces have often been inspired by paintings. 

It is little surprise then that the designer has turned again to the art world for inspiration for her latest collection, with Lee citing the cut out collages of artist Henri Matisse and the iconic structural pieces of Andre Courrèges as key influences on her AW21 collection. 

The result is a skilfully tailored yet oh so playful collection of feminine silhouettes enlivened by eye-catching geometric elements.  

Gayeon Lee AW21 image 3

Skirts are voluminous and mid length, dresses and shirts come with puffy sleeves and drawstring detailing while the bra and corset have been boldly reimagined.

The colour palette, meanwhile, is dominated by pastel pinks and soft shades of browns. 

The effect is at once retro and also strangely futuristic, like some future reincarnation of 20th century style.

Lee’s genius comes through not only in the masterful tailoring but also in the artful juxtaposing of geometric elements. 

Gayeon Lee’s latest collection is a delight. Returning again to the world of art for her inspiration, Lee has produced her most bold and brilliant collection yet and one that hints at a future direction for the brand. 

Gayeon Lee AW21 image 5

More information about Gayeon Lee can be found here.

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