Mean Girls Themed Afternoon Tea

Duo London's Mean Girls themed afternoon tea is totally fetch says Sophia Savage.

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It has spawned a spate of fashion trends, a dance craze, and a thousand different sayings, so why are we not surprised that Mean Girls has its own social event?

The Mean Girls Afternoon Tea at Duo London may have opened sixteen years after the release of the movie, however, the event has been a great success – which is testament to Mean Girls’ enduring influence on pop culture.

Mean Girls The Movie

With a smart script from Tina Fey and a group of winning performances by Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, Mean Girls is a funny and engaging movie about female high school social cliques and the damaging effects they can have on girls.


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As awful as some of the antics described in the film are, however, Mean Girls is also a film about friendship and the important of finding your own set of BFFs. This is probably why the film has struck such a chord with those who have seen it.

Over the last few years internet forums have been packed with young girls revealing that they had learnt important life lessons from the Mean Girls, from simple things like Don’t Let Popularity Go To Your Head to time honoured truths such as Don’t Kiss Somebody Else’s Boyfriend!  


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The film is also incredibly quotable. Mean Girls has spawned a glut of popular phrases which have entered our collective consciousness. From ‘that’s so fetch’ which translates as ‘that’ s so cool’ to ‘On Wednesday we wear pink!’, the movie is just jam packed full of memorable phrases. 

The Mean Girls Afternoon Tea

To celebrate the genius of the Mean Girls Universe, DUO London have created a swoonworthy spread featuring:
So Fetch Macarons (strawberry-flavoured mini macarons),
‘Full Of Secrets’ giant meringue lollipop: sweet chewy marshmallow encased in a crispy raspberry meringue shell
‘The Duo’ dipped strawberries: strawberries dipped in a duo white and dark chocolate.
‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ cake slice: a strawberry and vanilla buttercream filled cake
‘Burn Book’ cookies: a freshly baked vanilla cookie
This comes with a range of sandwiches featuring smoked salmon, chicken mayo, red pepper, aubergine, and pesto. So, get in loser, we’re going to afternoon tea!


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The That’s So Fetch! Afternoon Tea costs £42 per person.

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What: themed afternoon tea
When: From 22 May 21
Where: Duo London
Website: No Record