Wander Art Trail

Billing itself as London's biggest outdoor gallery, the Wander Art Trail features a line up of works by some of the UK's best artists. Peter Gray reports

London’s galleries may be closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of socially distanced fun on the streets of the capital. And if your idea of fun is discovering new works of art, then Mayfair & Belgravia’s Wander Art Trail might be the perfect event for you.

The trail showcases the work of 12 renowned artists, including Yinka Illori, Ricardo Cavolo, Emily Forgot, Fernando Laposse and Richard Woods, with each artist providing a single new work for the trail.

There’s Woods’ Small, Medium, Large which showcases a series of pastel coloured houses. Set in Lower Grosvenor Gardens, the work represents the choices that consumers are presented with when they buy a product. “Small, Medium and Large is everywhere” says Woods. “Whether we are buying a coffee, squeezing into a t-shirt or renting an apartment. It’s everywhere. I wanted to make a public artwork that re-presented that choice.

Or Yinka Ilori’s In Plants We Trust in Mount Street Gardens, which sees the British-Nigerian artist, create a shrine like structure in order to celebrate the nature found in cities.

“Often in cities” he says “we can get so immersed into the hecticness of our lives and forget the nature that exists around us. The installation is to serve a purpose of reminding spectators the beauty that plants encapsulates, in both a visual and organic aspect.

I wanted to create a shrine for the plants where it will be utilised to promote health and well-being among Londoners. This space will also emphasis the sacredness of nature and plants; and the importance of taking care of them”.

Or Emily Forgot’s Fabriques on Elizabeth Street. Here, the London based designer has explored the structure of a little known ornamental structure called a Fabrique, creating a series of the edificies using a contemporary, playful, and colourful lens.

“The structures allowed me to respond to the regency architecture of Belgravia itself but in the same rich tradition of the Fabriques be playful with different forms, periods and styles of architecture – from kiosks, bridges, obelisks, pavilions and rotunda’s to grottos, towers and temples. The pieces were then taken one step further to become functional archi-sculptures and provide seating as well as visual fun for passers by” she says of the work.

The initiative is the work of the art company Alter-Projects working in conjunction with Grosvenor Britain. The aim of the project was to create a ‘dialogue’ during the Coronavirus Crisis.

 “Our overarching goal was to bring back a sense of community to central London and allow people to fall in love with London all over again,” says the founder of Alter-Projects, Anne-Laure Pingreoun. “Visitors can make what they want from their journey, with no specific route planned for them. The journeys they can take in terms of self-reflection and mental and emotional escapism are limitless.”

The Wander Art Trail will be on display until September 2021. More information about the initiative can be found here.

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