Connie Constance – Electric Girl

Watford's finest is back with yet another banger. Peter Gray reports.

One of the most exciting artists on the planet right now, Connie Constance is almost certainly on the cusp of big things. Blissfully free of record industry pressure thanks to her own label, Jump The Fence, the artist’s purple patch shows no sign of ending with this majestic post punk banger.

Electric Girl has the same giddily joyous pop feel as the best tracks on Constance’s 2020 EP, The Butterfly Club, and just like Monty Python and Costa Del Margate, the track pays homage to the sound of the 70s and artists like Blondie and Suzie Quatro.


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Led by an irresistible guitar hook, the track is all feels, with an energetic post punk beat and a sinuously grooving bass riff backing Constance’s sassy vocal. Produced by Mr Karma Kid and Mr Mauv, Electric Girl has an unstoppable energy that cannot help but get you on your feet.

Constance says of the song: ‘Electric Girl’ was born and she got me through seasonal depression because she’s impenetrable, unstoppable and a powerhouse of energy!”


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“She is our superhuman Mum, she’s endurance and power! Not an image of some societal perfection. There are no beauty standards that apply to this fierce force as she is a queen in her tracksuits and a star in her bedroom. She’s the drug with no come down. Serotonin but make it sexy. ‘Electric Girl’ is here to wake you the fuck up and get your dreams manifesting into realities.”

The video for the song complements the playfully liberating aesthetic perfectly with an animation of Constance as Electric Girl, riding her bike through the night.


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Constance is the type of artist who is almost impossible to pigeonhole. Her songs defy easy classification forcing the listener to judge each track on its own merits rather than to merely pigeonhole them.

On The Butterfly Club and again here, however, it seems that we are finally beginning to see the makings of the singer’s own sound, and while it may pay homage to several artists of the past, it is nonetheless as thrilling and as refreshing as we could have ever hoped it would be.

Electric Girl underlines Connie Constance’s massive talent and provides yet another example of what this young singer is capable of. The young Watford singer is consistently making some of the best pop music produced in the British isles in the last ten years and that, in our opinion, is as good a reason as any to tune in now.

More information about Connie Constance can be found here.

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