ITV's Viewpoint stars Bulletproof's Noel Clarke as a detective hired to solve the disappearance of a primary school teacher in a small town. Peter Gray reports

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Bulletproof’s Noel Clarke heads up the cast of ITV’s intriguing new drama, Viewpoint, this April. Clarke, whose impressive career has included roles in such diverse productions as Kidulthood, Doctor Who and The Level; plays a detective in the new series, which has been likened to Rear Window and The Lives Of Others.

A contemporary, character-driven mystery with a seductively intimate feel, Viewpoint explores the tension between our public and private lives and the secrets and horrors that thrive behind closed doors…especially when we think no-one’s watching.

Here’s everything you need to know about ITV’s Drama series, Viewpoint:


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What is Viewpoint about?

When primary school teacher Gemma Hillman (Amy Wren) goes missing in a small, close knit community, DC Martin King (Clarke) is tasked with locating her by setting up a surveillance operation on the chief suspect. What King doesn’t know, however, is that the owner of the house he is using is herself a voyeur, with an unhealthy obsession with watching her neighbours in the surrounding houses.

As the investigation continues and the privacy of the members of the community evaporates, secrets and lies that lay dormant for years are revealed.


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As much an exploration of community, trust, paranoia as it is a crime thriller, Viewpoint presents

ITV have describes the show as “a contemporary, character-driven mystery with a seductively intimate feel” while Head of ITV Polly Hill says of the series: “It’s hard to find a crime series that feels new and fresh, which is why I am delighted to commission Viewpoint.

“Martin, the police surveillance officer watching a community to discover why a local teacher has gone missing, is in Zoe’s flat who secretly watches her neighbours because she’s lonely.

“The lines between the two and who can and can’t spy on us, is beautifully blurred.”


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Who’s behind the camera on Viewpoint?

The series certainly has good pedigree with Harry Bradbeer (Killing Eve) and Ed Whitmore (Safe House) credited with creating Viewpoint and Tiger Aspect Productions tasked with producing the show.

“Harry and Ed have crafted a compelling, tense, claustrophobic thriller that turns the spotlight on the observer rather than the observed,” said Lucy Bedford, executive producer and Head of Drama at Tiger Aspect Productions. “With the incredible Noel Clarke and Alexandra Roach leading the cast, we are extremely excited to be back in production.


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Who is in the cast of ITV’s Viewpoint?

TV veteran Noel Clarke stars as Detective Martin King. With issues of his own, King is soon wondering whether his own prejudices and foibles are negatively impacting the case.

Amy Wren (The Last Kingdom) plays the missing schoolteacher Gemma Hillman while Alexandra Roach (Black Mirror) plays the owner of the house King is using for the surveillance, single mother and voyeur Zoe Sterling.

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley and EastEnders’s Shannon Murphy also pop up in the series.


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When will Viewpoint be released on ITV?

The series will begin on Monday, 26 April 2021, and continue over consecutive nights. 

Where was Viewpoint filmed?

Principal photography on the series took place in and around Manchester in 2020. The drama, which began filming in May, was the first ITV drama to start production during the pandemic

Is there a trailer for ITV’s Viewpoint?

Not yet but watch this space.

More information about ITV’s Viewpoint can be found here.

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What: new drama
When: 26 Apr 9pm
Where: ITV
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