Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift

Say hello to London's latest viewing platform: the Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift. Peter Gray reports.

With panoramic views across the capital, Battersea Power Station’s Chimney Lift is expected to become one of the most iconic viewing platforms in London.

First announced in 2018, the facility is now scheduled to arrive in 2022, at which point it will take its place as the crowning glory of the multi billion dollar Power Station site.


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Beginning in the site’s refurbished Turbine Hall A, visitors will be able to take in an immersive exhibition charting the history of the Power Station before stepping inside the chimney lift for the short journey to the top of the building. The journey takes visitors through one of the Power Station’s four iconic chimneys before depositing them in a viewing platform built on top of the structure.

At 109 metres high and with 360 degree views of the capital, Battersea Power Station’s Chimney Lift will be a worthy rival to any other viewing platform in London, with a host of breathtaking views of everything from St Pauls to the The London Eye.

The platform may not be quite as high as those at The Shard or the Sky Garden, yet for cutting edge design and sheer audacity, the BPSCL will take some beating.

Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift Close Up

The space, which will be able to accommodate thirty guests, will also be available for private hire for those with very deep pockets and a desire to impress.

The chimney lift is just one of dozens of exciting projects currently taking shape at the South London site, which will soon boast a huge roof garden, a gargantuan new arts space and one of the biggest shopping centres in Western Europe.


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The shopping centre, which is expected to open later this summer, will play host to some of the most covetable brands in Britain, including Hugo Boss, Rolex,Jo Malone and Space NK, and also feature its own cinema and cultural space.

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What: viewing platform
When: summer 2022
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