Win an Odeon myLIMITLESS card with Win the City

A world of incredible movies await with the Odeon myLIMITLESS Card.

Congratulations to Kelly Jay Marshall. You’ve won a Odeon myLIMITLESS card. The answer to last week’s question was Chris Evans.

The return of UK cinema is only four weeks away and to celebrate we’ve got a really tasty prize. We’re offering our lovely readers a chance to experience Odeon’s incredible myLIMITLESS membership card for a WHOLE SIX MONTHS! That’s half a year of blockbusters, 182.5 days of rom coms or 4380 hours of…well, I’m sure you get the point!

“myLIMITLESS is your ultimate film companion. Taking you on endless adventures and giving you all the big-screen thrills again, and again, and again… For one monthly fee you can see as many of our films, as often as you like*” say Odeon about their handy card.

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