Prim & Propa – Connie Constance

The punk pop fairy queen is back with one of the songs of the summer. Sophia Savage reports.

Connie Constance is back with yet another banger and the promise of a new EP in the autumn.

Prim & Propa continues Constance’s recent purple patch courtesy of a summery bop full of attitude and swagger.


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The track begins simply enough, with an acoustic guitar providing a mellow base for the singer’s appealingly throaty vocals.

“We only ever had just enough” Constance sings, “but I guess it left more room for love”. The mood is laid back and gentle with Constance’s voice weaving pretty melodies.


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The tempo soon quickens, however, with the addition of a thumping bass drum and a simple, yet insistence bass guitar.

Just when you think the song has plateaued musically though, an anthemic chorus takes the excitement levels up even further, with crashing beats, thrashing guitars and clever synth sounds adding to the overall effect.


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And there, above it all, is Constance. The punk pop fairy queen of a bold new England. “I’m not prim and propa” she sings. “But I’m bopping like a top shotter, Skint and sober, And I’m done talking to the devil on my shoulder”. Amen. 

Constance is just as forthright when describing the meaning behind the song. “Prim & Propa is about owning community culture, family and friendship,” she says, in a press statement about the release.

“It’s about looking at that big white house and the perfect grass and saying ‘Yeah, nah, not for me, mate – not without my people enjoying it with me.


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It’s an anthem for everyone that feels betrayed and let down by this country. It’s for the single parents, the people that work their arses off every single day and can barely get their head above water.

It’s a reminder that we’ve got what’s important right here with us: ‘When you want more then look around, if you’ve got love you know you’re good / Cause when the grass is greener, the people are meaner.

Constance’s forthcoming EP is the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘The Butterfly Club’ EP and 2019’s debut album, English Rose. The pair may have established Constance as one of the most exciting young artists of her generation, but you get the sense that this is just the beginning for the singer. 

Little is known about the new EP, however, although it will almost certainly see Constance continue her fertile relationship with producer Karma Kid.


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The two combined to great effect on Constance’s superlative 2020 effort, Electric Girl, and the pair have collaborated again on Prim & Propa. 

One of an exciting new breed of genre defying artists, Constance’s best work fuses indie, pop, rock, r’n’b and jazz into one delicious musical stew which may sometimes recall such musical heavyweights as Blondie and The Jam, but which nonetheless always sounds unique and distinct.

Constance broke away from her record label in 2019 in order to start her own label. The appropriately named Jump The Fence was the result. The singer has described the new label as “all about taking the risk, pushing yourself; having no fear and just going for it.”

Well, judging by Constance’s recent output, perhaps many more up and coming singers will be considering jumpin the fence’ themselves.

The young East Londoner is embarking on a series of dates around the country to promote her single and EP. The complete list is below:


23 The Louisiana, Bristol

24 Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

28 Oslo, London

29 YES, Manchester

30 Workmens Club, Dublin


25 L’Aerogare, Metz

26 Musee Wurth, Erstein

27 Pop Up Du Label

Prim & Propa is out now. More information about Connie Constance can be found here.

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