Amy in the Light

See the late, great Amy Winehouse in a different light in a thrilling new exhibition. Peter Gray reports.

This wonderful exhibition at the Brownsword Hepworth Gallery showcases a crucial period in the life of the late Amy Winehouse through a series of impressive images by the photographer Phil Griffin.

The show, which has been put together to mark the 10th anniversary of the singer’s death, seeks to move past the traditional depiction of the artist as a troubled soul.

“She’s not just a tragic figure but a human being who was incredibly talented”, says Griffin of the prodigious talented artist. “She was a girl with a story to tell and she wasn’t afraid to tell it.”

The photographer began his association with Winehouse in 2006, with the singer busy putting the final touches to her acclaimed Back to Black album. Griffin’s photographs capture the artist during the promotion of the album, with photographs of the singer making the videos for such acclaimed tracks as Back to Black, You Know I’m No Good and Love Is a Losing Game.

One of the highlights of the collection is a simple yet stark image of Winehouse in a bathtub. The photo is one of the most iconic images of the singer ever taken and it would later be used for the cover of the American version of the album. 

Amy in the Light follows on from the Brownword Hepworth gallery’s last major Griffin exhibition – 2018’s Icons. The exhibition showcased Griffin’s mastery of portraiture with a series of breathtaking images of celebrities including Britney Spears, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, Ronan Keating, and Bryan Ferry.

Amy in the Light is open now and free to all. Booking is not required.

More information about the Amy in the Light exhibition can be found here.

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What: photography exhibition
When: 26 JULY - 14 SEPT 21
Where: Knightsbridge
Website: Amy in the Light