Straits Kitchen

An eclectic range of flavours and dishes is in the offing at the Pan Pacific hotel's forthcoming Straits Kitchen. Peter Gray reports.

One of three new restaurants opening in the forthcoming Pan Pacific hotel in Bishopsgate, the Straits Kitchen is promising to ‘showcase a melting pot of cuisines from Singapore’s many cultures’.

The name of the restaurant comes from the key Asian shipping channel, The Strait of Malacca. This stretch of water has had a massive influence on the cuisine of Singapore with many of the island’s foodstuffs arriving via this route.

“Traders and neighbours have been bringing ingredients into Singapore through the Straits of Malacca, resulting in a palette of eclectic flavours reflected in our colourful and exciting dishes” says the Pan Pacific website about the new restaurant. 

Headed up by Executive Chef, Lorraine Sinclair, and Singaporean Group Executive Chef, Tony Khoo, Straits Kitchen will utilise locally sourced but purely Asian ingredients in a series of menus which embrace a respectful approach to cooking based on heritage recipes.

Signature dishes will include Singapore’s national dish of Wok Fry Singapore Chilli Mud Crab with Chilli Crab Spices and Fried Mantou, Teapot Double Boiled Soup with Galangal, Red Dates, Wolfberries and Chicken; and Butter Aged Buccleuch Beef.

The restaurant will be an integral part of the new hotel, with an enviable position overlooking the central plaza. Floor to ceiling glass windows will ensure that guests do not just have the best cuisine on offer, but also the very best views of the surrounding area.

With breakfast, lunch and dinner options, the Straits will soon be the new go to place for meetings people, whether friends or for business. And with two private dining rooms, guests will have a choice of dining options to suit their tastes and mood.    

The Straits Kitchen will open on the 1st of September 2021 in the Pan Pacific hotel, Bishopsgate. More information about the restaurant can be found here.

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When: 1 Sept 21
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