Mamma Pastrama

If monster sandwiches are your thing, then Carnaby Street's forthcoming Mamma Pastrama restaurant should be on your hit list. Sophia Savage reports.

A modern Pastrami shop with a cool new take on the classic deli staple – that’s Carnaby Street’s Mamma Pastrama. The brainchild of Vagabond founders Stephen Finch and Kieran Sherlock alongside Jae restaurant’s Jay Morjaria, the venue is set to open on the 18th of September 2021 in the former home of the Sacred Café on Carnaby Street.

Morjaria has been beavering away endlessly over the last few months cooking up new pastrami recipes and the chef is confident that he has come up with a pastrami making process to beat all others. Centred around a unique ‘rub’ technique and utilising a blend of proprietary spices, Mojaria’s pastrami sandwiches look set to wow Central London when they launch in September.

Menu highlights will include the Classic Pastrami with cured and hop-smoked pastrami, deli mustard and sauerkraut on rye bread; the Big Mamma Melt featuring bacon, pastrami, chicken, mustard, and pickled onions on toasted sourdough; the Pastrami & Kimchi Toastie with house pastrami, spicy kimchi slaw and a three cheese mix and the Beet Reuben featuring spiced and smoked beetroot, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on marbled rye.

The adventurous might want to try the Pastrami Popcorn with Smoked Pastrami Sausage and Curry Ketchup, however. Or, how about the Mamma’s Poutine with Pastrami Bits and Pastrami Burnt Ends?

Or, if you are an early riser, how about trying the eaterie’s breakfast options? These include a wicked sounding corned beef pastrami hash and eggs.

Diners will be able to wash these down with beers from Bethnal Green’s Boxcar Brewery, a range of soft drinks from East London’s Square Root or a selection of coffees from Origin Coffee Roasters.

So, if monster sandwiches are your thing, then there’ll be only one place to go come September 2021.

Mamma Pastrama is on Ganton Street. More information about the venue can be found here.

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What: pastrami restaurant
When: 29 Sept 21
Where: Ganton Street
Website: Mamma Pastrama