The Avocado Show

The world's most popular brunch staple is now the subject of not one but two restaurants. Peter Gray reports.

If there was an award for the world’s trendiest food, the avocado would win hands down. The fruit (or is it a vegetable?) is undoubtedly the rock god of the 21st century dining scene, with legions of devotees in every town and city.

The avocado is the too-cool-for-school choice of the brunch generation, to be found regularly draping itself over a variety of hipster dishes, such as avo on toast and avo pancakes.

Heck, it even has a spate of dedicated restaurants now. Covent Garden’s Avobar made a splash when it opened in 2019, however, it is a new Dutch restaurant that is really attracting attention.

The Avocado Show was a huge hit in its native Amsterdam, and the chain behind the restaurant are hoping to repeat that success in the capital.


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The eaterie comes armed with an array of tantalising avocado centred treats, including avo fries, avo toast, poke bowls and even an avo burger with a, you guessed it, avocado bun.

If this all sounds a tad conventional, however, rest assured, The Avocado Show has some much more adventurous options lined up, too.


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There’s the mango centred poke bowl (Mama Mango), the intriguing sounding truffle sandwich (The Truffle Treasure) and a salmon poke bowl (the Salamango) which enlivens its salmon, mango, edamame and wakame mix with the Japanese condiment furikake. Normally sprinkled over cooked rice, the condiment is used whenever a hint of umami flavour is called for.


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And since we are dealing with a truly iconic fruit, The Avocado Show will also be selling a range of avocado focused merchandise. You can take your pick from a t-shirt, a cook book, and a very trendy looking tote bag.

So, if your avocado obsession is showing no signs of abating – Oxford Circus’s Avocado Show is the place to be!

The Avocado Show will open at 6 Princes Street in early September. More information about the venue can be found here.

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What: avocado restaurant
When: Sept 21
Where: Oxford Circus
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