Tammam 2022 Couture Collection

An explosion of colour and a focus on climate change dominate the House of Tammam's 2022 Couture Collection. Sophia Savage reports.

Ethical fashion brand The House of Tammam this week put climate change at the heart of their latest London Fashion Week show. Entitled Flight, the event showcased the company’s most recent work, The House of Tammam 2022 Couture Collection.

There is no going back

The King’s Cross show began with a warning. Global disaster loomed if humanity failed to act over the climate crisis. An onscreen message hammered home the point, saying: ‘if we don’t act now there is no going back’. 

Then, to the accompaniment of birdsong, the models began to emerge from the backstage area.

The House of Tammam 2022 Couture Collection

Tammam’s latest collection features more of the meticulous craftsmanship and bold tailoring that the brand is known for, with a  vibrant array of colours providing a refreshing antidote to the gloom and monotony of the past few years.

At the heart of the collection is a striking visual from the University of Reading’s Professor of Climate Science, Ed Hawkins. The ‘warming stripes’ graphic depicts a visualisation of climate change data with the pattern swapping numbers for coloured stripes representing the global average temperatures for each year since 1850.

For their 2022 Couture collection, Tammam wove the graphic into a series of garments: everything from light, summery dresses to bold, flowing coats.

“Everyone needs to understand and talk about climate change if we are to find ways to tackle it” says Professor Hawkins about Tammam’s use of his famous graphic. “Putting the climate stripes on the catwalk is a high-impact way to get the message across – a powerful synthesis of science and fashion.”


Sustainability is another key influence on the collection, with Tammam showcasing a range of sustainable materials and hand craftsmanship from artisans based at the Tammam Atelier and across India.

Fabrics choices include hand-loomed organic cottons, peace silks and Tammam’s exclusive eco-tulle, as well as reinvented vintage suits: repurposing luxury fabrics that no longer serve their original purpose.

People & Planet

The House of Tammam has built up something of a cult following over the past several years, with celebrities, socialites and fashion critics all coming together to sing the brand’s praises. 

Lee by their inspirational founder, designer Lucy Tammam, the company has been an unwavering advocate of both ethical and slow fashion, with the London based designer consistently putting her money where her mouth is, by ensuring that her brand has a fully monitored, ethical supply chain and a value system that prioritises people and planet.

More information about The House of Tammam 2022 Couture Collection  can be found here.

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What: couture collection
When: 16 Sept 21
Where: Samsung KX Store
Website: Tammam