Viva La Vengeance

Westfield White City's new VR experience Viva La Vengeance transports players to a zombie infested Las Vegas where they must rescue their fellow civilians. Peter Gray reports.

With Halloween fast approaching, the average Londoner’s thoughts naturally turn towards ways to terrify their nearest and dearest. And with that in mind, now’s as good a time as any to tell you about the immersive zombie fighting experience, Viva la Vengeance.

The VR powered adventure has just opened at Westfield, White City, which means you now have a fantastic new way to freak yourself and your loved ones out!

“It’s our last stand against the undead!” reads the blurb for the game on the Viva La Vengeance website. “Our fellow citizens are trapped inside the walls of zombie-infested Las Vegas, and Las Vengeance is the only crew that is brave enough to try to get them out. As you might imagine, we’re going to need some extra hands if we want a fighting chance at succeeding.”

The rescue plan is simple and consists of only one line: Get in. Rescue the survivors. Get out. (No promises on that last part).

Ok, so that’s the plan, but how do you actually achieve it? Well, once participants are VRed up, they are invited to commandeer a taco truck which can be used to enter the infested zone and rescue the trapped citizens. Sound easy?! Ok, so what are you waiting for? 

Viva La Vengeance will be at Westfield White City until the 30th of October 2021. More information about the attraction can be found here.

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What: VR experience
When: Until 30 Oct 21
Where: Westfield, White City
Website: Viva La Veagance