TfL launch campaign to tackle sexual harassment

The organisation are taking a zero tolerance approach to harassment on the network. Peter Gray reports.

Transport for London, in conjunction with the British Transport Police, the charity, Crimestoppers, and the White Ribbon Movement, have today launched a campaign to tackle sexual harassment on the capital’s tubes and buses.

Unwanted behaviours targets

The campaign, which will also appear across the UK rail network, will focus on what are sometimes perceived as ‘less serious” behaviours – such as intrusive staring and making sexual comments.

Research has shown that these forms of harassment can have a powerful impact on victims – leaving them feeling anxious, fearful and distressed. In addition, these acts are part of a continuum of behaviours which can lead to sexual abuse and violence. 

What to do if you see/experience sexual harassment on the transport network

The new campaign will offer Londoners advice on what actions they can take if they see or experience sexual harassment with the contact details of the BTP, Crimestoppers and the National Rail Enquiries Zero Tolerance Information Page prominently displayed. The latter provides information about available specialist support services, information on how Londoners can support each other, what happens if you make a report.

Zero tolerance 

The aim of the campaign is to send out a clear message that sexual harassment in any form is not tolerated on the transport network. By describing what sexual harassment looks like, the organisers of the campaign hope to make it easier for Londoners to look out for each other and recognise when someone may be feeling uncomfortable and may need some support. This will also help people who see or experience it gain the confidence to speak up so that perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions.

You are not alone

Transport staff are being reminded of the role they can play in keeping passengers and colleagues safe, by following steps to: Be aware, Be concerned, Listen, Reassure, and Report. This advice is being shared throughout the industry via informative videos and leaflets.

Posters will be places on boards and advertising hoardings throughout the capital’s transport network as well as on big screens dotted around the city. A social media campaign which reiterates the main points of the drive will run alongside the station campaign.

The British Transport Police

In order to tackle the problem of sexual harassment on the transport network, the British Transport Police have almost tripled the number of officers who are specially trained to investigate sexual offences across England, Scotland and Wales with plain clothed and uniformed patrols regularly patrolling the network.

If you would like to join the campaign to end male violence again women and girls, please click here: White Ribbon Campaign

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