The Best New Music of the Week (15-21 Nov)

Here's a run down of the best new music released in the UK in the week commencing 15th November 2021. Sophia Savage reports.

It’s been another great week for new releases with several excellent tracks in competition for our coveted Single of the Week accolade. In the end, however, it was Nilufer Yanya’s hypnotic Stabilise which rose above the field to seize the crown. Here’s the best of the rest of the week’s releases:

Can’t Stop Writing Song’s About You – Kylie

She may be getting older but she’s certainly not showing any signs of losing her magic touch as this classy dancer ably shows. Can’t’ Stop Writing Song’s About You recalls Kylie’s golden days, while offering her newer fans a thrilling showcase of her enduring talents. Compelling.

Crescent Moon – Conor Albert

Part of an exciting London based  jazz movement which also includes the likes of Alice Auer and Lucy Liu, Conor Albert has the voice, musicality and tunes to make a real go of a career in music.

His new single Crescent Moon is mellow, jazzy, and very tuneful, with the track recalling everyone from Curtis Mayfield to classic era Prince.

Dessert Sun – Nabes

 London based artist Nabes has produced a charming and joyous pop song in Dessert Sun. Built around an instantly memorable chorus, the track offers listeners the kind of sunny pop that will leave you grinning inanely for days.

Cool Kids – Justus Bennett

Perfect feel good pop, Justus Bennett’s new single will have you singing in the shower, on the bus and in the supermarket. Cool Kids demonstrates the Seattle native’s remarkable ability to write catchy, irresistible pop tunes. Splendid.

Gangsta – Kojey Radical

This man has been on the brink of big things for quite some time and Gangsta seems likely to continue that magic run. The second track to be lifted from Radical’s forthcoming debut album, the track combines cool beats, soulful chords, jazzy horns and Kojey’s inimitable vocals. Delicious.

Postcard – JLS

The follow up to the soulful Eternal Love, Postcard is JLS at their infectious, pure pop best. Built around one of the most infectious choruses we’ve heard in many a year, the single is full of great melodies and irresistible hooks which bodes extremely well for the boy’s comeback album. 2.0.

Stabilise – Nilufer Yanya

In a week of excellent new releases, it was always going to take something pretty special to nab our coveted Single of the Week accolade and Nilufer Yanya’s Stabilise is exactly that. Yanya has followed up her acclaimed debut album with an absolute corker of a tune which recalls the rock pop pomp of classic period Prince.

Cicada – Sega Bodega

Sega Bodega’s Cicada works on multiple levels. Richly layered and intricately listenable, the track works perfectly well on the dancefloor but it will sound just as good on your personal stereo.

Centred around a haunting yet irresistible melody, Cicada builds a furious whirlwind of sounds while never losing sight of its infectious central hook. 

Ladybird – Jaydon Clover

Wispy and delicate, Jaydon Clover’s Ladybird is one of those tracks that quietly creeps up on you, worming its way into your brain until there is no other option than to surrender. Neo soul at its very best.

Beautiful – Claptone

Eerily reminiscent of classic period Madonna, Claptone’s Beautiful is shimmering, glistening, darkly beautiful pop. Taken from the artist’s third album, Closer, which sees the Claptone duet with everyone from Seal to Barry Manilow, Beautiful is yet another demonstration of the musician’s powerful way with atmosphere and melody. 



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