Introducing Ava K.

Peter Gray meets Tik Tok star Ava K - city:countdown's hip new fashion columnist.

Hi Ava, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course! I’m currently studying English, French and art in Sixth Form College. I’m also taking something called an Extended Project Qualification which involves doing an essay on a topic of your choice or doing an ‘artefact.’

I chose the artefact as it gave me the opportunity to put together a fashion collection. And since I’m on Tik Tok, I decided to document the whole process, including the conceptualising, designing, pattern drafting, re designing and creating of the garments themselves. All the way up to exhibiting my work at fashion events, hopefully!

You recently went to London Fashion Week. Did it live up to your expectations?

Definitely! I actually got to go to my very first catwalk show. It was honestly one of the best experiences in my life! The event was so glamourous and it was fascinating to gain an insight into the lifestyle of the people that work in the industry.

And London is so crazy during fashion week! Just walking around the streets feels like being an extra in some contemporary, steezy movie about London life. The street style is insane and it is really obvious who is there for the events.


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Have you always wanted to write about fashion?

Ok, so you may be thinking: ‘why should I listen to her?’ Well, to be honest, you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you what to wear- that should be up to you, but it is helpful to understand the fashion industry from a range of different perspectives – this allows you to broaden your appreciation for different aesthetics and style range.

Which designers do you admire most at the moment?

Well, after his debut collection at London Fashion Week, I’d have to say S.S Daley. He’s at the top of my favourite up and coming designers list – his garments plays so well with the balance and conflict of romanticism and power.

Another designer who really intrigues me is PH5. Their fabric choices and construction is so smart and for a commercial brand I find that their off-set shapes, retro prints and colour bring a contemporary, yet wearable aspect to the market.


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What influences your own fashion choices?

There’s no one thing, really. It’s more a range of things from London street style to my unconscious observations of what smaller designers are producing today. But you can always be certain of one thing with me – wherever I am, I’m always slightly over dressed for the occasion! However, my mind set is ‘I’m not overdressed, it’s just that everyone else is underdressed!’

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

The fashion industry and the environment have a messy history, which is ongoing. In the current context, sustainable fashion means minimising our impact on the climate and pollution, whilst still being able to express our personal style and enjoy clothes.

It is really a balance between respect and creativity. We’ve gotten used to low price points, fast production, and the constant access to new styles but sustainable fashion is quality, its culture, its the way we mix wearability and comfort with style.


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How much do you spend on clothes each month?

It varies. It depends on how much money I have to spend. I mean, I’m not rolling in money! But looking ‘stylish’ on a budget is totally possible. I’ve worked out ways of thrifting clothes and re-styling old pieces in ways that suit my fashion sense now.

The key is building a capsule wardrobe of items that harmonise with each other while leaving space for a few stand out pieces – garments and accessories that draw the eye in – the head turners, you might say.

You have a massive following on Tik Tok. How did you get started on the app?

I actually began on Tik Tok the week my school broke up for the summer. My main focus was on trying to establish myself as a designer and taking my followers on the journey of creating a fashion collection.

My account now features fashion, design and sewing but I’m really keen want for it to be a platform for creatives and contemporary artists to share their ideas, critiques and visions of the future of this fast growing and jampacked industry.


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I’ve noticed that you borrow a lot of clothes from your father – does he have anything left to wear?!

At this point, I’m not sure! Well, my dad always complains about having too many clothes (he’s a minimalist) and that’s great for me because it means that I can steal his shirts!

What’s the oddest or most quirky thing you’ve ever bought?

There’s definitely been a few weird pieces recently as I’ve been playing around with my style. I don’t ski but I recently bought a bright blue puffer ski suit! That’s one that comes to mind.


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You’re a Londoner so what places in the capital do you find yourself gravitating towards?

There are a few places I turn to if I need inspiration or a pick me up. The first is Soho. Whether sitting in a Soho garden observing the mellow hustle of Londoners going about their daily lives or enjoying a spot of socialising as dusk falls and the crowds in the area’s restaurants and bars spill onto the streets – in and around every corner there is a constant motion of chatter and celebration.

Another place would be Brick Lane. I constantly find myself returning to those chaotic, tumultuous streets. The sheer quantity of genuinely cool and unique clothes that you can find in the area – it’s actually dangerous! I never come back empty handed, either!

And finally, have you ever bought something and later regretted it? 

Of course, minor things, like the fit of something or the colour. However, looking through clothes I’ve bought in the past is scary. There were definitely some questionable fashion choices which I wouldn’t want to resurface.

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