The Best New Music This Week (6-12 Dec 21)

Here's our run down of the best new music released in the UK during the week commencing 6th December 2021. Sophia Savage reports.

Christmas is coming and several festive songs are amongst the new releases this week. Don’t worry, though – none of them are very good – so our weekly run down is a Christmas ‘turkey’ free zone.

It’s not been the best week for music in general, tbh. Our reviewer Sophia has had quite a task wading through this week’s releases. However, as you will see, she has managed to find a few corkers in amongst the dross.

Ok, so, without further ado, here’s the best of the week’s new music releases:

Stand Up – Tierra Whack

Stand Up maintains Philadelphia native Tierra Whack’s hot streak, singles wise.  Inspired by a conversation with JAY-Z, the track has a funky yet minimalist groove over which Whack spits the kind of badass lyrics which she is becoming known for. Compelling.

Velcro (Featuring Gus D) – Spill Tab, Gus Dapperton)

Ahead of the release of her second EP, Bonnie, Spill Tab has teamed up with long time collaborator Gus Dapperton for this pleasing mid tempo number. Velcro is mellow, tuneful and a really grower.

“It felt incredibly easy and natural working with Gus,” says Tab (real name Clare Chicha) about the collaboration. “It’s such a positive experience because you can tell he just really wants to service the song and support the other person in the room. He’s a very selfless collaborator, and I’m so proud and excited for this one.”

Where Have You Been Hiding – Sinead Harnett

Harnett has been bubbling just under our radar for a couple of years now and in Where You Been Hiding the singer now possesses a song which could take her to the next level. Slow, sweet and achingly heartfelt, Hiding has a to die for chorus and a heap of easy, soulful charm.

The track, which began life as an investigation into Harnett’s own romantic relationships or lack of them, suddenly morphed into something completely different: a hymn to self love.

The singer began to wonder whether she had been doing herself down. “At the time I was honestly asking myself why I couldn’t seem to make any romantic relationship work” she says of the experience.  “I was questioning if it will ever happen, and if so where this person is. As time’s gone on and I eventually finished the song, I reflected on its meaning. The relationship I’ve had with myself needed some work and healing, which brings a whole new deeper level to the song for me. I’d been hiding from myself for too long.”

Party 22 – Lilyisthatyou

Party 22 is the kind of anthemic, joyous pop which will leave even the most difficult to please of listeners with a massive grin. The track is choc-a-bloc full of irresistible hooks and the chorus will stay in your brain for weeks afterwards. 

People Don’t Change – Mazie

‘I’m a thief/I take drugs/ I was nobody’s first love/The world is burning and this is all I have to say’ sings Mazie on her compelling new single People Don’t Change.  Coming of like a cross between Norah Jones and Tori Amos, Mazie demonstrates charm, warmth and an ability to not take herself too seriously. The track also bodes well for the singer’s forthcoming 2nd EP which is due to be released sometime next year. Charming. 

Stupid Face – Abe Parker

Abe Parker has one of those voices that makes a girl want to swoon. An intoxicating mix of gravel and honey, Parker is all throaty catches and impossibly breathy moments. He’s not a bad songwriter, either. Stupid Face is charming, melodic and memorable.

Described as a mix of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, Parker has a great future ahead of him and Stupid Face is a more than impressive start.


One Call – Lecrae, 1K Phew

Simple yet devastatingly effective, One Call is built around a slow, insistent beat and an instantly memorable melodic hook, over which Southern rapper Lecrae delivers a typically God centred lyric about keeping his brothers safe while trying to get to heaven. Hallelujah.

Hate Me – Robert Grace

Hate Me finds Irish singer/songwriter Robert Grace on  impressively tuneful form with a The Cure style pop banger which is infectious from its first melody line to its closing chords. Grace’s lyric, about a relationship gone wrong, certainly pull no punches, either. “F**k you, goodbye, I won’t let you ruin my life” he sings. Who said love is dead!

Reality – Local Boy

Dublin based musician Local Boy’s Spotify bio says that the artist has racked up ‘nearly a million streams’ and this easy on the ears banger should ensure the artist is soon on his way to his next million. Reality’s guitar led jazz funk is perfectly augmented by an infectious chorus with gorgeous backing vocals.   

Just Look Up – Ariana Grande

Just Look Up is all about the vocal and Grande certainly doesn’t disappoint, wrapping her golden tonsils around a slow, melodic ballad which may sound quite slight on the first couple of plays but improves consistently afterwards. The title track to the Netflix movie of the same name, Just Look Up sees the American superstar collaborate with rapper Kid Cudi and songwriter Taura Stinson, with Cudi providing a clever rap midway through the song.

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