Our Future Planet

The Science Museum looks at efforts to minimise climate change in its new exhibition Our Future Planet. Peter Gray reports.

Our Future Planet looks at the technologies currently being developed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Can carbon capture help in the fight against climate change? You’ll find the answers at Exhibition Road.

Visitors to this free Science Museum exhibition will be able to explore a range of initiatives, from the capturing of carbon dioxide from the air or installing systems of power stations and factories, to the preserving of ancient woodlands.

What are the challenges involved in different solutions? What can we do with the carbon after it is captured? And what difference could these new technologies make? These are just some of the questions that the exhibition seeks to answer.

With the ongoing international effort to reduce global carbon emissions producing decidedly mixed results thus far, carbon capture will surely have an increasingly important role to play in the struggle to reduce greenhouse gas levels. And in this regard, Our Future Planet provides a timely and much needed showcase for the technologies which might just save our bacon.

Our Future Planet will be at the Science Museum from the 19th of May 2021 until September 2022. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

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What: exhibition
When: May 21 - Sept 22
Where: Kensington